Linear Tape File System

LTFS works in conjunction with LTO technology technology’s {partitioning feature} for ease of use and portability for open systems tape storage. With LTFS, one partition holds the content and the other holds the content’s index, so the tape can be self-describing to improve archive management.

With the operating system’s graphical file manager and directory tree, utilizing data on an LTO Ultrium tape cartridge is as easy as dragging and dropping the file from a USB flash drive.

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Storing Tapes Properly to Prevent Data Loss 

Businesses with large servers and serious data storage systems often back up critical data with tape cartridges. While there is an overall trend towards virtual systems for long-term storage, data tape cartridges still offer a number of advantages over HDD-based systems; tapes are inexpensive, durable and dependable. Some formats can hold a tremendous 1.5 terabytes of uncompressed data, and many modern businesses simply have tapes built into their everyday operation. However, proper storage is a fundamental component of any data tape archive. To make sure that your backups are available when you need them, make sure to keep your tapes in an appropriate environment. 

Data Storage Report

Digital Data Storage Outlook 2020 Report Available

As a trusted leader in developing and providing data storage and data management solutions that solve the problem of digital preservation for organizations dealing with exponential data growth, Spectra Logic has a keen pulse on the industry. Over 40 years of close collaboration with customers and partners worldwide has allowed the company to not only maintain a discerning awareness of the global market, but also position itself as an early innovator in robotics, automation, and interfaces.

LTO Archiving Costs

Video: Top 8 Reasons for LTO 8

An increasing number of organizations have started procuring efficient magnetic tape storage technology due to ……

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Forbes on LTO Archiving

A Bit About Archiving

And now for a bit about archiving.  We have some news from reports from the Active Archive Alliance and Spectra Logic, which makes storage systems for archiving content, including some of the largest magnetic tape libraries.  The LTO Program recently released its shipment report and we will show LTO tape capacity shipment history through 2019.

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5 Trends in Tape Storage for 2022

There are more tape storage trends in play in the enterprise market today than many realize. Far from becoming a technology backwater like CDs and DVDs, tape is going from strength to strength. It is used by some of the largest banks, insurance providers, scientific research, and data analytics firms in the world.