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Forbes on LTO Archiving

A Forbes Article “A Bit About Archiving” by Tom Coughlin


A Bit About Archiving

And now for a bit about archiving.  We have some news from reports from the Active Archive Alliance and Spectra Logic, which makes storage systems for archiving content, including some of the largest magnetic tape libraries.  The LTO Program recently released its shipment report and we will show LTO tape capacity shipment history through 2019.

As stored information accumulates, keeping that information and making use of it becomes increasingly important.  According to Peter Faulhaber, Chairman of the Board of the Active Active Alliance (now celebrating its 10th anniversary) and President and CEO of FUJIFILM Recording Media USA, “…active archiving enables organizations to operate analytics using high-performance and cost-effective archival storage.”

The Active Archive and the State of the Industry 2020 report from the Active Archive Alliance reports that in their 2020 survey 66% percent of respondents were still using backup systems for storing archive data. But backup and archiving have different uses and objectives as shown in the table below from the report.

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