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Media & Entertainment Archiving

An introduction to the most cutting-edge digital data archiving and backup solution at a fraction of the cost.

  • LTO media costs are currently a bit over $5/TB or about $0.5 cents per GB, considerably lower than HDD storage.  A Spectra Logic report says that magnetic tape storage is less than $10/TB, while HDD storage is somewhat less than $25/TB.  Optical disc storage is estimated at about $50/TB.  LTO is by far the cheapest solution.
  • Waiting to decide on an archiving solution is not an option. Not only does such hesitation put valuable media assets at risk, but it also precludes M&E enterprises from taking advantage of new tools that come along, such as A.I.-powered metadata creation technology, that could make historical assets even more valuable.
  • Benefit from the 30 to 50-year archiving lifespan of LTO Tape Cartridges used by major films, studios, TV shows, and data-heavy industries.
  • LTO provides more long-term security versus a hard disk or flash memory that needs to be started up and checked every few months.
  • Bypass the cost of owning an LTO machine while still getting the long-term large storage needs for your production’s camera original data and final master copies.

Tape Continues to be the Lowest Cost Storage Option
The Advantage of LTO

LTO Backup and Archives

A backup is often mistaken as the same thing as an archive. Simply put- backups are on hard drives, the cloud, or even flash media. Long-term storage at a cheap price is out of the question. An archive is made to last many years and is the best long-term storage.

Archival Life Span

Hard drives fail- they have a life span of 1 to 5 years.  Flash drives have a 4 to 8-year life expectancy and are the same as DVDs. The reality is, that you can not trust digital storage methods.  The cloud is prohibitively expensive.  LTO tape technology is the most cost-effective and reliable solution. 

Safeguard Your Assets

LTO hardware is expensive and so are the applications, not to mention the experience of a media archivist doing the job.  With our volume, we pass on a great value and give you peace of mind knowing your expensive and irreplaceable data is safe and secure for years to come.

LTO Tape Retrieval times are 50 times faster than Cloud based archives.
Retrieval Time

Archival Quality Labeling

We take the quality and performance of our LTO Labels very seriously. Each lot of LTO Blank Label Stock meets or exceeds the stringent quality assurance requirements of the Tape & Library Manufacturers. Netc Label Stock is approved by all Tape and Library Manufacturers including IBM, HP, Oracle (SUN, StorageTek), Dell, Spectra Logic, Maxell, Sony, Fuji, Imation, Quantum, and TDK.

LTO Ultrium 8 Tapes

FUJIFILM LTO Ultrium 8 is the intelligent choice for a smart world and the expanding datasphere. LTO-8 delivers an impressive storage capacity of 12.0/30.0TB native/compressed, unrivaled reliability, and rock-solid air gap security. Use less energy, store more data, and get more done with the next generation of our data tape.

Digital Storage Mediums Degrade

When it comes to protecting data from entropic damage, monitoring and managing data stored on tape must be considered.

LTO Ultrium 8 Tape Archive
30 Year Shelf Life LTO 8 Tape

Tape Vs. Cloud Cost Analysis where LTO cuts the cost by almost half.
Cost Analysis of Tape vs Cloud

How The Process Works

  1. Contact Atlanta LTO for a custom quote – Click Here or call 678.457.1487
  2. Assemble and organize your media on a fast drive and ship it to us.
  3. We write to LTO tape the files in the exact fashion and order you sent them in.
  4. Once finished copying, we then verify your media with a checksum that ensures all future uses of the tape can be verified with a checksum to make sure there has been no data corruption.
  5. Included on the tape is a manifest document that shows what assets are stored and where they are stored.
  6. We ship your LTO tapes in hard plastic cases and also send back your drives.

LTO Archiving and LTO Recovery Pricing

Master LTO 7 (6TB) Data Archive $75/TB – Second Tape $60/TB

Master LTO 8 (12TB) Data Archive $95/TB – Second Tape $80/TB

LTO 6, LTO 7 & LTO 8 Data Recovery $65/TB

LTO Tape is included in the cost. Minimum 2 TB for archiving or data recovery.

Productions That Used Atlanta LTO for Archiving